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Hair Color Trends

Changing your hair color can be as subtle as a few highlights or as drastic as a coat of bright purple. We’ve seen all colors of the rainbow surge in popularity the past few years, but for now, hair color is looking much more laid-back. Rich colors like deep burgundy and midnight blue are ideal for girls with brunette or black hair and there are plenty of color trends for blondes to try out, like rose blonde, buttery blonde and even cream soda. If you’re not looking to dye your entire head of hair, present hair color trends will be your new inspiration. These hair color ideas are either dark and sultry or warm and cozy. Whether you’re consistently daring with hair color or you want to play with highlights for the first time, these hair color trends have options for every salon-goer and home-dyer.
Rose Blonde

Rose gold hair is the trend that flatters every skin tone and face, making it a great choice for everyone. The rose gold hair color is distinctive; it isn’t strawberry blonde hair, light red or pink. Rose gold hair colors are rich and warm with a glowing effect that seems to highlight skin as well.

If you’re starting to gray naturally, don’t head to the salon to cover it up! Smoky grays and charcoals are in this season, and it’s a welcome diversion from the too-bright “unicorn” colors.